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Renault Trucks on the move…

Discover the Optifleet app, the mobile version of the Renault Trucks fleet management tool


Renault Trucks Optifleet Wherever you are:

  • Get a rapid overview of the situation of your fleet, vehicles and drivers
  • Manage unforeseen events more easily, assign a task rapidly
  • Stay close to your drivers throughout their task
  • Never lose sight of your driver’s performance thanks to Eco Score
  • Inform and share the improvement potential directly with your drivers and trainers

Optifleet users, connect to your fleet using the same identifiers as you use for the Optifleet web portal.





Drive Renault Trucks vehicles and fulfill various missions: Long Haul, Heavy Construction, Construction and Distribution.

These missions will let you discover the Renault Trucks range:

  • Long Haul: drive Renault Trucks T or Renault Trucks T High and combine the fastest commercial speed with the lowest level of fuel consumption possible.
  • Heavy Construction: drive Renault Trucks K and ensure that you preserve your entire cargo.
  • Construction: drive Renault Trucks C Cab 2.5m or Renault Trucks C Cab 2.3m and ensure that you preserve your entire cargo.
  • Distribution: drive Renault Trucks D Wide Cab 2.3m, Renault Trucks D Cab 2.1m or Renault Trucks D Cab 2m and deliver your shipments to their destinations while keeping to the speed limit.

Optimum Magazine

Optimum MagazineOptimum readers can now find their magazine on the iPad in 18 languages.
The digital version of Optimum Magazine offers enhanced content: videos, 360° images, virtual visits, interactive animations.
All the content can be viewed without an Internet connection once the new magazine has been downloaded into the dedicated application.
The layout and content have been redesigned to provide an intuitive reading experience adapted to tablets.

Optimum Magazine is a free application available on the AppStore.


The Range

The RangeDiscover the Renault Trucks Euro6 ranges. Vehicles designed for the following applications: Long Haul, Heavy Construction, Construction, Distribution.
A TRUCK IS A PROFIT CENTER.When you choose Renault Trucks, you buy much more than a truck. You can be sure that your needs have been anticipated. Fuel consumption reduction, performance and reliability of engines, exceptional load capacity: Renault Trucks does all it can to lead you to success.


Cost Saver

Cost SaverCost Saver by Renault Trucks, or how to optimise your Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) with Renault Trucks solutions.
The total cost of ownership includes the costs of vehicle acquisition, fuel, driving personnel, administrative expenses, and maintenance and repair costs.
Renault Trucks undertakes to support you over the long term to optimise these costs.
With Cost Saver by Renault Trucks, discover the Renault Trucks solutions for the optimised management of your costs.
Enter your details in the calculator.
Contact Renault Trucks to define your transport solution.



EcoCalculatorEcoCalculator allows you to evaluate for each of your vehicles and for each trip CO2 and NOx emissions.
The results are communicated to you in kilo and in g / ton / km.
You can save your simulations and email them to your correspondent.


Truck Fuel Eco Driving

Truck Fuel Eco Driving Renault Trucks T.Discover the principles of economic driving at the wheel of a Renault Trucks T.
Meet the different challenges in urban environments and secondary road networks with good timing.
You will need to obtain the lowest fuel consumption possible and the highest commercial speed possible.


Renault Trucks Truckers Gallery

Renault Trucks Truckers GalleryTruckers Gallery by Renault Trucks lets you browse truck photos submitted by Renault Trucks truckers.
Upload your photo, vote for your favorite photo, choose the best one of the month and search display pictures taken around a location…


Renault Trucks Racing

Renault Trucks Racing is an HD driving simulation game for the iPad. You can drive a 1,000 hp Renault Premium Racing at speeds of up to 160 km/h against 5 opponents.
Choose between:

  • 3 different tracks
  • 3 levels of difficulty
  • a training mode, a race mode & a championship mode
  • 8 Renault Premium Racing trucks (3 Renault Trucks MKR Technology official vehicles + 5 other Premium Racing trucks)



The Renault Trucks network is the easiest way to find your nearest Renault Trucks partner out of more than 1,400 dealers across Europe. You can find the dealer closest to your present location, or use the search functions of the application.



The first GPS navigation application for HGVs with voice guidance designed for iPhone. NavTruck takes into account the constraints of road freight transport with specific functions.



Truck drivers are used to noting down their various driving times in a notebook.Renault Trucks now offers them a replacement for their notebook in the form of their own iPhone and the Renault Trucks application Time Book.
During the course of the day, the driver records his various driving and break times. A warning is emitted when he approaches his maximum driving time. At the end of his job, the data is available as a computer file.


Deliver Eye

How can a driver prove to his manager that he was late on a delivery due to heavy traffic congestion?When he loads goods that are already damaged, how can he explain that to the customer who receives them? The solution is called Deliver Eye.